The Walu Way
With Ray

One Hour Seminar Courses

We Encourage Every Student to Begin With First Level Black's Energies and Forms.
Each Seminar Video Provides a Comprehensive Study of the Subject by Sifu Ray Hager himself
Covering the use of an Energy or Form for:
•Warm Ups, Workouts, And Cool Downs
•Super Chi Kung
Injury Prevention, And Healing
•Bone, Tendon, And Muscle Development
•The Three Timings In a Fight
Attack, Yeild and Counter, and Stop Hit
•The Three Moments In a Fight
Entry, Touch, and Finish
The Three Axioms of Speed in a Fight
•Strength and Power
•Endurance and Stamina
•Coordination and Agility
•Flexibility and Pliability
•Stand Up and On The Ground
•Mastery of The Ten Energy Principles
Serious Street Self Defense
and Olympic Level Health and Fitness

Each Video is Custom

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