Professor Cravens'
Walu: The Bridge Art

This book deals with the art of Wa Lu, a little known family art Mr. Casey learned from a gentlemen in Macao. We refer to it as the Bridge Art because it is an excellent art to study for one crossing from external martial arts toward the internal martial art. The highlights of this art are the 44 short solo exercises. These exercises are short sequences which cycle continuously in a pattern. This collection of movement helps one to study his own body state of tension and connection which will allow one to become more unitary in movement. The internal forms such as Tai Chi, Pakua, and Hsing-I expect one to be unitary; and Wa Lu is a great way to break down small sequences and study the Unitary aspect. This book documents practically the entire curriculum. 44 Exercises, two forms, three self defense sets, and interdiction palm are all discussed. 289 pages-600 photos - $30.00

Currently not Available in Hard copy.

Available in .pdf Ebook format