Walu Kung Fu

The phone call that changed my life!

My name is Jack Lannom and it was about 30 years ago that I received the most life changing phone call that totally transformed my mind as a martial artist. I had been practicing and teaching the Chinese martial arts for over two decades before I had received that phone call and I thought I had seen the best of the best in all the combat arts. Little did I know that up until that time I had never been exposed to Gonka? The word Gonka means the real lethal, combat energy; the explosive projection that every wild animal possesses and uses to defend itself and attack its prey.  I had heard stories about superhuman feats of men fighting ten or more attackers at one time and how they utterly had crushed their opponents like a vicious animal. But I had always thought that they were myths and that no one could really develop that kind of primalistic power. Well, I want you to know that I was absolutely wrong!
Now, let me bring you back to that life-altering phone call. The phone call was from my Kung-Fu teacher, James 'The Professor' Cravens. He invited me to participate in what was called by the Grandmaster, the Walu project. He informed me that the head of our Kung-Fu, Kai Sai clan wanted to share a new Chinese system of lethal combat with a special group of people in the U.S.    I was one of 5 people that would be the first to ever learn Walu Gonka Kung-Fu in America. The Grandmaster had learned 13 different Chinese systems of martial arts and he said that Walu was the best and quickest combat system to teach a student the lethal projection of energy that he had ever seen in his martial arts career.

1 of 5 people to be the first to learn Walu in the U.S.A.

I felt very honored to be chosen to be one of five people in all of the U.S. to learn Walu Gonka, however I was skeptical. I must admit I was very prideful and I thought what could Walu Gonka teach me? A lot of my skepticism came from the idea that I had not heard anything about the Walu system, until that phone call. I thought I was very accomplished in the Chinese martial arts, because I had 20 years of experience, I was the founder of several Kung-Fu schools in Tennessee and had turned out many accomplished fighters. However, I needed to be humbled. I did not know that I did not know.

I guess the one thing that logically spiked my interest was that my Kung-Fu instructor was the best fighter I had ever seen in my life and if he said that Walu is a great combat system and that it would help me with my pursuit of energy projection, then I immediately became sold on Walu Gonka.

You see, my teacher knew me very well and when he used the special words “energy projection” those would be the words that captured my attention. He knew that I had always been consumed with the insatiable desire to project more energy out of my mind and body for both health and combat purposes.

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My first mind-blowing Walu Gonka lesson!

I will never forget my first lesson in Walu Gonka. Every thing that I had ever learned up until that time in the martial arts was completely different from what my Kung- Fu master instructor began to unfold for me in Walu Gonka. It didn’t look like anything I had ever seen in my martial arts career. The art was the freest expression of explosive energy that I had ever witnessed. It looked like an angry gorilla on steroids. It was the most vicious and violent combat movements that I had ever felt on my body.

Immediately, I said to my teacher, this is what I have wanted to learn all my life! I told my teacher that I am not going to pursue any other art. I stopped training in the Kung-Fu system I was learning. At that moment I made a decision to master Walu Gonka. I wanted to become the most powerful expression of the art in America. In addition, I had a great desire to teach this art to others, like myself, who are looking for the ultimate expression of energy projection for physical health and self-defense benefits.

Walu Gonka the best Combat art I have seen!

Please don’t miss what I am about to say,  now at 58 years old, I am more powerful and I am healthier today, since I have been practicing Walu Gonka for 20 years, than I was in my prime as a fighter in my early twenties. I am not saying this is the best martial arts on the planet, simply because I have not seen all martial arts on this planet. However, what I am saying is that Walu Gonka is the best and most powerful, energy projection, combat system that I have ever seen in my 40 plus years of Chinese martial arts.

Bai Shifu Chinese Gonka Ceremony

In October of 1988, after studying Walu Gonka for several years, I was honored by my Walu Gonka master instructor, Professor Cravens, to partake of the very special
Bai Shrifu
Chinese ceremony in which I received formal initiation as a senior instructor disciple in Walu Gonka Kung-Fu.

At this time my Walu Gonka teacher gave me the greatest acknowledgement for my work in Walu. My teacher said that he was given a special certificate from Taiwan from Kai Sai, his Walu teacher, to bestow recognition and honor on one of his accomplished Gonka senior instructors.  This Walu Gonka certificate, to this day, is one of my cherished martial arts possessions.


My Walu Gonka Baptism of Fire

Allow me to add an interesting note to your understanding of the effectiveness of this combat art. After studying Walu Gonka for seven years, I received my first life or death test to see if Walu Gonka was all that it was suppose to be. I was attacked by five men in my own front yard in 1991 and guess what, I flipped the Walu Gonka switch, and they ran from me like I was some wild, crazy animal. Spectators after the fight said that I had man-handled the five attackers like they were little children. I remember saying to myself after the fight, this stuff is really cool. It works!


Walu is Combat tested!

I also have many professional people that will testify to the amazing lethal power of Walu Gonka. Because I have trained many police officers, several of my students have had to use it in life or death situations and they have reported to me afterwards that Walu Gonka saved their lives and made the bad guys wish they had not attacked my students.                       

Over the last twenty years, I have taught the Walu Gonka principles to F.B.I. agents,  U. S. Marshals, professional body guards, Marine Recon soldiers, world champion kick boxers, champion body builders, S.W.A.T. team officers, security officers, many martial arts masters, weight lifting champions, the Miami Dolphins and a multibillionaire from Kuwait, and they have said, unanimously, just like I said when I first experienced Walu Gonka, that they have never seen or felt such effective, lethal, shock force, power in their life. In addition, one of my students, Rusty Gray, after I taught him the Walu Gonka projection, won the world heavyweight full-contact, Chinese Koushu championship; it was the 6th World Games title.

What makes Walu Gonka unique?

Now if you are like me, you want to know what makes Walu Gonka so different, so powerful, so lethal and how can you learn this special combat, self-defense, martial art system for you and your family.  First, let me tell you my initial mind blowing impressions of Walu Gonka, and then I will share with you in more technical terms what differentiates it from other martial arts. And finally, I will tell you how you can purchase Walu Gonka video DVD’s for your private pursuit of unbelievable mental and physical power, so that you can feel healthier, more safe and confident in a volatile world.   

My first impressions of Walu Gonka

When I first saw my teacher demonstrate Walu the movements of his arms looked like that of a gorilla. The gorilla moves his arms like clubs. The focus of the gorillas’ movements is not on the independent movement of the arms. The arms are simply conduits for the whole body to express the explosive energy through the arms. In other words, the arms are used in a unitary manner and not in an isolated state.

The next thing that was so fascinating to me was the amazing heaviness of the limbs. As my teacher would strike me with his arms they felt like they weighted two hundred pounds a piece. I asked him how ‘in the world do you make your arms so heavy. He said that in Walu you learn to slosh all of your body weight into the limb that you are using to attack your opponent.

Another thing that I observed concerning the uniqueness of Walu was that every time my teacher would strike me, the blow would violently shock my body internally. I had felt push force many times in my martial arts career, however I had not experienced such violent shock force. When you are performing Walu Gonka properly every strike, block, and kick creates a mind-hit shock to the attacker. Consequently, when you combine the powerful two elements of heaviness and shock force the result is like being hit with a two hundred pound anvil traveling at two hundred miles an hour and when it hits you it electrocutes you also. That’s Walu Gonka!

I believe the thing that really blew my mind about Walu was that the only way you can create that violent shock force was to achieve a totally relaxed, fluid body state. I had always been taught in my Kung-Fu training that you are supposed to remain relaxed until the moment of impact. However, Walu Gonka teaches you to relax even on impact and never, ever tense your body for an instant during an attack.

Another way that I like to express this in my Walu training is to say that our hand strikes are called armless striking and our kicks are called legless kicking. The emphasis in this terminology is to focus the mind on the relaxed unitary nature of the limbs and not to think of your arms or legs in a tense segmented fashion.

the perfect example of Walu Gonka

If you ever get an opportunity to watch a gorilla hit something you will notice that it never tenses its muscles even upon impact. A friend of mine was watching a gorilla at the zoo and he said that he and the other spectators got the scar of their lives. They were watching the gorilla through a Plexiglas portal when out of nowhere the gorilla violently crashed his arm into the portal. He said that the whole structure they were in shook to the foundation. He told me after the experience that you are right about how a gorilla moves when it strikes something. He said the gorilla never demonstrated any tension in his movements and especially upon the impact of crashing its hand into the Plexiglas.   

Please don’t miss this; the gorilla uses its massive body simply as a tool. The gorillas’ body is not were the primary focus of power originates. The ferocious power of the gorilla originates from the gorillas’ ferocious mind.

Walu Gonka a Mind-Dominant Art!

In my opinion, Walu Gonka is a much deeper understanding of the energy of what our minds are capable of producing. In addition, I believe it is a more advanced system for developing the neurological pathways in the brain to allow the mind to express the shock force mental energy through a unitary, fluid body state. Walu Gonka is a mind-dominant art. If your mind has trained your brain to develop tense, neurological pathways for combat, like I did in my first twenty years of Kung-Fu training, then, in my opinion, you will not experience the incredible explosive power that is present in your mind right now. If you feel your body tense at any time during your training, I believe you are training in what I call a body-dominant art and you are cheating yourself from a whole new world of energy development.

If you could imagine how you would move in a fight if I were to put a ferocious gorilla mind into your body then you are beginning to understand what Walu Gonka is all about. Walu Gonka is a different mental construct. It is a new way of thinking about energy projection. Walu Gonkas’ advanced energy mastery system will transform your body into a pure energy channel for primal-like explosive power.

Walu Gonka is not a Sports focused Martial Art

Because of the primalistic, violent nature of the Walu Gonka movements, the art is not designed for sports application. Walu is not for winning trophies in a tournament or grappling an opponent to get them into a submission hold. This is not to say that all of that training is bad. I personally love all that particular kind of martial arts sports training and it has great value. However, so many of the martial artist that I have trained that have been in sports martial arts for all their lives have told me that they have not had training that would prepare them for a life or death confrontation.
Imagine with me that you are sitting at home and the door bell rings and you answer the door. At that moment three men violently force themselves into your home. You only had 1/10 of a second to act. The scene I just described really happened to a family in America in 2005. Violence happens on a regular basis in this country every day.

You must not think this could not happen to me or any of my loved ones. If something like this did happen to you, God forbid, you must mentally be prepared to act in 1/10 of a second with such ferocious, bloodcurdling power that utterly destroys your attacker’s confidence. And your ability to raise the level of terror by ten levels to the level of Unconditional Certainty sends them running with their tales tucked between their legs screaming with horror because they entered the home of a primal animal.

This is exactly the kind of violent behavior that Walu Gonka, mental and physical training, prepares you to crush in an instant. Every thing about Walu Gonka is designed to teach you how to instantaneously destroy the bad guys attack in such a vicious manner that it throws the kill-switch in the attackers’ mind. In other words, you turn the tables on them and they become afraid of you. That is what we call in Walu Gonka a Mind-Hit! It is the same ability that an animal possesses when it strikes terror in the mind of its prey.
If you can’t produce terror in the mind of your attacker you have really missed it in your martial arts training. If an instructor has not been trained in this devastating, violent, primalistic mind-state then he can’t impart what he doesn’t possess.

Another great benefit of Walu Gonka is that if you are defending yourself against more than one person at a time, like I have and also many of my students, the primal-like violent movements of Walu Gonka visually appear as if the Walu practitioner has gone totally berzerker. The reaction of the other attackers is one of horror because it looks like their cohort has been thrown into a human blender.           


A Very Important Disclaimer!

You might be thinking about now that this guy likes to hurt people and he would really enjoy using his Walu on people. The opposite of what I have just described is the truth about who I am as a person. I love my God and I love people. I never want to hurt anyone. However, people don’t always behave as they should which makes it necessary to learn self-defense. If I love my neighbor as myself I will defend my life and the life of my neighbor.

At this time I want to state a disclaimer, don't worry about going into the Walu rage in every encounter. Your body state control will become so advanced and otherworldly you'll call upon it as needed. However, my point is that if you happen to need the power to suddenly take out several attackers, then you will be able to access all the destructive force you will need to survive the attack and protect yourself or your loved ones.

Why is Walu Gonka so Different?

Now let’s examine what makes Walu Gonka so different from other martial arts. Why is it the purple title on the martial arts grey wall? What makes it so powerful, so destructive, and so ferocious? What are the factors that distinguish it from other combat arts?

12 Differentiating Factors of Walu Gonka

1. Its emphasis on developing an unconquerable combat mind-set i.e. the mind of the warrior. This art develops a ferocious, primalistic mind-set like nothing I have ever encountered and it also teaches the practitioner a technique to turn it on at will in an instant. Walu will teach you the mind of the primal beast. In the final analysis it is minds fighting other minds.  In order to become a power martial artist you must develop a powerful mind. The end result of Walu Gonka training is an unassailable, indomitable, fearless, mind. Mental combat mastery is central to Walu Gonka proficiency. Men like King David were well aquatinted with this mental state of being.

I believe this is the greatest benefit of studying Walu Gonka. My mind as a martial artist is stronger today than it has been in my entire life. Everyone that I train in Walu Gonka states that it is unbelievable how powerful their minds have become.

Its emphasis on the minds ability to train the body to remain in a relaxed, heavy, non-segmented, unitary, changeable, fluid-like state in combat. When you are fighting a Walu student it is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall.

Its 44 energy mastery movements that totally reprograms your brains’ neurological energy pathways to allow for uninhibited, maximum energy projection, as in cleaning your pistol, with the same on demand results. The health benefits of practicing these 44 energy mastery exercises are astounding.
 Many of the students that I have taught have not learned how to relax their minds. I never knew what true profound relaxation was until I began practicing Walu Gonka. It has had dramatic effects on diminishing my level of stress.

Its 10 energy mastery principles. Walu Gonka in not technique based. Every thing Walu Gonka teaches can be subsumed under 10 overarching, energy mastery principles. Please carefully read what I am about to state, it could dramatically transform your understanding about the martial arts. In Walu Gonka we have evaluative conclusions because we have evaluative principles. We are not students of a disjointed encyclopedia of techniques. Our goal is not to see how many techniques we can learn but to study and perfect the principles of energy mastery that form a unified comprehensive system of combat.  This energy system is a well integrated whole and all the parts are interrelated and the whole gives meaning to the parts.
 Consequently, this principle based, energy system governs the efficacy of every technique we perform. Furthermore, from this unified, principle based, energy system the Walu Gonka student is encouraged to create his own explicit techniques in order to advance the many implicit applications inherent within the 10 energy mastery principles. This intellectual exercise is similar to the mathematical procedures in Geometry where many theorems are logically deduced from the axioms.

Its emphasis on creating fajing i.e. shock force power vs. push force power. You don’t feel Walu energy on the surface of your body; you feel the energy go through your body in a shock wave. The energy is felt as an electrical shock deep within the body. It is very painful and it can remain in the body. This shock force power is created by the integration of the two primary energy Clubs in every persons’ body. The Hsun Kwan energy Club located in the middle of a persons forehead between the eyes and the Tan Tien energy Club located three inches below the navel and two inches within the body.

Its emphasis on vital-point attacks i.e. Tien Hsueh the death touch.

Its bone density development. It turns the bones of a Walu Gonka student into steel rebar. The bone density training also contains 2 unique Iron Palm systems, the Interdiction Palm and the Yang Dar Palm training. We also have our special herb formulas for bone density training that have been passed down from generation to generation. This in itself is a great treasure. Walu Gonka is a great hidden treasure!

8. Its Dog Boxing curriculum. This is an advanced ground fighting system which includes grappling and Chin-na joint manipulation. The special gripping development exercises in this section turn the ligaments and muscles in your hand power into bone-crushing, steel bear traps.

Its comprehensive self-defense system. This is a vicious takeout self-defense combat system. Walu is not a sport. If you were on an airplane and five terrorist with box cutters were killing people in front of you, you would thank God that you were flying with a Walu master who was trained to take out the bad guys in seconds.

10. Its emphasis on Hsun Kwan, imperceptible speed development.
The Walu Gonka student trains to throw 5 vital-point strikes in one second through non-telegraphic, blinding speed. In 1984 I personally trained the Miami Dolphin football players in these hand speed exercises. That year they went to the Super Bowl. I am not saying that my training is what brought them to the Super Bowel; however, they did say they doubled their hand speed in the two months that I worked with them.

11. Its code of ethics. It imparts a belief in the exalted worth and dignity of every human being.
Man is made in the image of God.  Therefore, human life is to be valued. If a human beings life is to be taken from them it must be done only because you are left with no other choice.

12. Its relentless pursuit to express Walu through the life philosophy of truth in all things, wisdom in all things, and excellence in all things. In 2006 we wish to make the art better than what it is at this time in its development. It is truly a thinking mans art.  This unique combat art of Walu Gonka is not for the intellectually dull but for those special minds that have a deep desire to grow, to be mentally stretched, and to be challenged like never before in the highly specialized science of lethal energy mastery.  

Scott Rapperport

Jack Lannom

James Mainelli

Paul Ciranese