Chris Casey's
The Boxing

A Collection of Writings by Christopher G. Casey

with additons by James Cravens

This book includes a chapter by James Cravens on the training methods of Mr. Casey.
Secondly, an article "Aphoristic Principles of Jeet Kune Do" is presented.
Thirdly, Mr. Casey's book on "Koushu, Ultimate Mind and Body Discipline" is contained in full minus some of the photographs in the original book.
Finally, the "Mind Hit Boxing, Secrets of Kai Sai Kung Fu" is contained in its complete form.
Some of the reading is difficult, but the book is in sequence for best results.
This book gives insight into an amazing man who made a great contribution to the martial arts, in particular "the boxing."

Currently not Available in Hard copy.

Available in .pdf Ebook format