Walu Kung Fu

Sifu Ray Hager

These days, can be found Teaching

Walu Kung Fu
5 Yin ! 5 Yang Combat Conditioning

7 Days a Week.

This System is Excellent for

martial use by nearly any practitioner

especially women and the elderly

as it not only provides all the Exercise needed

to maintain Fitness and Mobility

but also makes the

movements and responses necessary

in a Self Defense Situation

Come naturally and Automatically

to the Practitioner.

Sifu Ray Hager's Over 50 years

of Combat Conditioning

Knowledge and Wisdom

Make This Syntheseis of

Eastern Internal Combat Arts


Western External Conditioning Arts

A Truly One of a Kind System



Seminar Courses

We Encourage Every Student

to Begin With

First Level Black's

Energies and Forms

Each Seminar Video

Provides a Comprehensive

Study of the Subject


Ray Hager


Covering the use of an Energy or Form for:
•Warm Ups, Workouts, And Cool Downs
•Super Chi Kung
Injury Prevention, And Healing
•Bone, Tendon, And Muscle Development
•The Three Timings In a Fight
•The Three Moments In a Fight
The Three Axioms of Speed in a Fight
•Strength Vs. Power
•Endurance Vs. Stamina
•Coordination Vs. Agility
•Flexibility Vs. Pliability
•Stand Up Vs. On The Ground
•Mastery of The Ten Combat Energy Principles
Serious Street Self Defense
and Olympic Level Health and Fitness

The First Five Levels of the Walu Kung Fu Boxing Boards. The Apprentice Instructor Levels Focus on the Five Walu 13 Move Short Forms, and the First 25 Walu Combat Energies. These Short Forms Provide all of the Moves required to Defend oneself when Fully Automatized.
The Second Five Levels of the Walu Kung FU Boaxing Boards are for the Senior Instructor Levels, and Focus on the 5 Duels Used by Walu To Become Competent at any Distance of a fight. This and the other 25 Walu Combat Energies Round out the Eastern Exercises in the 5 Yin 5 Yang Combat Conditioning Sysytem.

s Each Video is

Custom Ordered

To your Needs

Please Call


And Ask For