Walu Kung Fu

"Thank you Again"

My name is Paul Cirinese. I trained with you over 20 yrs ago.
I wanted to reach out to you and tell you thank you for everything you did for me during the years I trained with you. I've learned over the years passed how special and important the things we studied were. Although I haven't trained in martial arts in many years, I have applied the applications of my training to many different aspects of my life. I'm 37yrs old now. A single father of a 10yr old son.
I felt that it was important to say thank you for saving my life as a teenager. I never would've made it without your direction. I hope that this email finds you well.
You are the greatest teacher I ever had in my life.
Sometimes I feel like the best days of my life were in Black Dragon Kung Fu. I checked out your page and it looks like you have taken things to a whole different level! I've kept in touch with Julio and a little with Rudy. We get together about once a year and often T<br>a<br>l<br>k about the good ole days! In any event, I felt like it was important for you to know how much you impacted mine and the guys lives. We have all reached different levels of social class as adults but all of us tie back to that gym on 441 and Griffin.
I hope life and health are finding you well. Thank you again for everything.

yours Truly

August 27 2016

Scott Rapperport

Jack Lannom

James Mainelli

Paul Ciranese