Ray Hager
1970's ! 1980's

Sifu Ray Hager's
Love Affair With Conditioning Began at the Age of Twelve. With Hard Work and Under the Expert Guidance of 1976 and 1978 Mr. Universe
Mike Menzter
Sifu Ray Recieved a Firm Foundation of Understanding Strength Training as Opposed to power Training.
He Then Changed to Powerlifting, where he again Exceled Under the Expert Guidance of 1980 World Powerlifting Champion
Mark Dimiduk
Setting a Virginia State Deadlift Record and a Virginia State Total Record in 1982.
By 1989 Sifu Ray was well on his way to Unveiling the Eastern Conditioning Arts as well, Achieving A Third Degree a Black Belt In Jiu Jitsu Under Sheehan Ernie Reynolds.